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New Tenant Orientation

Rules for Vacating

  1. A 30-day notice in writing must be submitted to the office. A telephone notice is not acceptable. Forms are available in the office.
  2. Spots, dirt, grease, fingerprints and other marks must be removed from walls, ceiling, baseboards, windowsills, doors and other woodwork.  The element of fair wear and tear will be taken into consideration during your move-out inspection. Dirt around ceiling vents caused from dirty air condition filters will be charged to you unless cleaned. Fireplaces must be free of ashes, soot and debris.
  3. Large nails, screws and anchors / plugs must be removed and walls restored to original condition of when tenant moved. Distinguishable holes patches and spots are not acceptable. A few small holes from tacks and small nails may be attributed to normal wear and tear.
  4. All decals, wallpaper or contact paper to include adhesive strips, installed by tenant must be removed. Any damage must be professionally repaired.
  5. All drawers, furniture and cabinets must be emptied, wiped out and left open. Closets and shelves must be clear of trash. Kitchen cabinets must be free of food and residue and left open. Outside of cabinets must be washed and have furniture polish applied if unpainted wood. Remove any food particles and trash from garbage disposal.
  6. The refrigerator must be defrosted and thoroughly washed with mild detergent and wiped dry. Turn off all dials, unplug it and leave door open. Dust, lint and debris must be cleaned from all accessible areas behind and underneath, with special attention to the coils and the grill.
  7. Wire brushes or sandpaper should never be used on a stove or oven! Easy off is a good product to use on the interior of the oven (provided that it is not a self-cleaning oven). A vinegar wipe will remove odor. Be sure the oven is free of cleaning residue and burnt on matter. Drip pans must be replaced with new ones. Check edge, rims as well as the sides and behind stove for grease build up and splatter. The exhaust fan and range hood must be cleaned and free of grease. To clean filter, remove and soak in degreaser solution and water. Be sure to clean the area around the filter. Pay attention to the corners.
  8. All light fixtures must be taken down, cleaned and equipped with working light bulbs. Ceiling fans must be wiped down with a damp cloth the polished. (Washing may ruin finish)
  9. All tubs, basins, sinks, toilets and tile must be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned. All caulking must be free of mold and if needed, replaced. Avoid harsh abrasive cleaners and scrubs that may scratch and destroy the surface.
  10. The air condition/heating unit must have a filter installed. If a dirty filter is the cause for a service request, the tenant will be charged for that call. The filter must be changed every 30 days. Wipe down the exterior and clean the closet. The outside unit must be free of grass, weeds etc. Use care not to cut the A/C wires with weed eater or lawn mower.
  11. All floors must be cleaned, free of scuffmarks and shined.
  12. The garage and driveway must be cleaned and all oil and grease stains removed. Lime-away works well for this.
  13. All trash and leaved are to be removed from under porches, windows, stairs and screened-in porches. All lawns must be mowed, edged and treated for pests. Shrubs and trees are to be trimmed, especially away from building – if touching.
  14. Windows and mirrors must be completely cleaned with windex or glass plus. Blinds must have all parts and be in good working condition. Curtains must be cleaned and put back on windows. Window tracks, sills and frames must be cleaned and free of bugs, mold and mildew.
  15. All carpets must be vacuumed and cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. They must also be professional deodorized and sprayed for fleas etc., if tenant had a pet. Receipts are required at the move-out inspection.
  16. Dishwasher must be operational at move-in and move-out. It must be wiped clean and the inside must be free of food, trash and other objects. Only electric dishwasher detergent is to be used in the dishwasher.
  17. Furniture must be polished, moved and cleaned underneath.
  18. All screens must be on windows and free of holes. Bent screens must be repaired, if not damaged on move-in.
  19. If the tenant changes or adds onto the property such as ceiling fans, pet door, swimming pool, security system the tenant must request the owners permission. Any changes or additions left on the property must be acceptable to the owner or the property will be returned to the original condition at tenant’s expense.
  20. Tenant must return the same number of keys issued or be charged for the missing keys at move-out. Tenant will be charged for a re-key if the property is abandoned.
  21. Tenant is responsible for replacing the A/C filter upon moving out.
  22. All utilities (water, electric, gas) must be left on for 7days past the move-out inspection.

These rules are given to you at lease signing. If the rental property does not meet these conditions, you should notify the office as soon as possible.

If an appointment has been scheduled for a move-out inspection and the rental property is not to these standards, you will be charged a $75.00 re-inspection fee. If you are not ready a second time, we will hire professionals to clean the property and pay them out of your security deposit.