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Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance Agreement / Understanding between Broker and Property Owner


  1. Owner grants Broker authority to hire contractors to repair, maintain, redecorate or alter the property for up to $300.00 without the owner’s consent. There will be a $25 trip charge fee assessed for coordinating pictures upon the owner’s request.


  1. Any repairs exceeding $300.00 must be approved by property owners before any work is performed on the owner’s property. The only exception is when the tenant's life or health is in danger, or the property is at risk of major damage, the Broker will make the decision if repairs are left unattended. Each time Broker arranges for the Property to be repaired, maintained, redecorated, or altered as permitted, the Owner will pay Broker a service fee of $50 for any repair over $500.00.


  1. Broker agrees not to utilize any repairmen or cleaning service that is owned or operated by the Broker without written approval from the property owner. (No Exceptions).


  1. Broker agrees to send the property owner’s monthly statements pertaining to all repairs or improvements completed by JR Rentals & Property Management on the owner’s property.


  1. A property owner agrees to keep a balance of $300.00 at all times in the reserve account.